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Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

Across New York City, car accident numbers are always fairly high. As one of the most heavily congested and most heavily populated cities in the world, there are countless cars on the road at any given time. And with so many motorists, and negligent drivers, car accident are almost a certainty.

If you or a loved one, was involved in a car accident of any kind, involving another motorists, bike, or truck, its vital that you contact an experienced personal injury firm like Levine & Wiss, the top personal injury attorneys in Brooklyn.

With decades of experience behind them, and an extensive track record for success, they have helped countless victims during their most important times of need to obtain large sums of compensatory damages. 

Understanding NY’s No Fault System

Across New York City, there are nearly half a million car accidents each year, and with so many of these accidents resulting in injuries, and sometimes death – often times, unknowing victims are left with little to know recourse. This is why it’s important to understand your rights, and to contact an attorney, like the ones at Levine & Wiss, at your earliest convenience if you’ve been involved in a car accident of any kind. One of the most important things to understand about car accident claims in NY, is that New York is a no-fault insurance state, which means that victims of accidents must seek damages from their own insurance company in most cases. 

Within the NY no-fault system, drivers are generally required to carry a minimum of at least $50,000 in PIP or personal injury protection coverage, in case of an accident. That way, in the event of injuries to you or your passengers, the PIP coverage may cover up to $50,000 for each person, including medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

Unlike a fault-based system, in which victims can recover from the other party’s insurance, there are certain benefits to the no-fault system. The first of which is that even if there isn’t any fault on the other party’s behalf, you might still be able to recover damages. In addition, it allows victims to recover damages faster and also reduces the pressure on individuals during their legal proceedings as the personal injury process can often take a lot of time.

Filing Your Car Accident Claim

It can be confusing understanding how to navigate you car accident claim, especially in a no-fault state like New York. However, with the help of an experienced personal injury practice like Levine & Wiss, PLLC, you will have an experienced team guiding you through each and every step of the process. 

Despite the constraints of a no-fault system, there are certain instance in which you can file a claim for additional damages.

 Often times personal injury protection simply isn’t enough, and doesn’t cover the full amount of your damages or lost wages (only 80% of lost wages). And in many larger accidents, where injuries might be severe – resulting in either death, disfigurement, dismemberment, fractured bones, organ loss or failure, and others – you can seek additional damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

What Goes into a Car Accident Claim?

In any accident case, there is a heavy burden of proof in order to make a claim for the other party’s negligence. This is especially the case in a Brooklyn car accident claim, as the victim and their legal team must prove a few specific items.

  • They must provide proof as to the other party’s negligence.
  • They must then prove that that negligence is what caused the accident to occur. 
  • They must also prove any claim for damages that is made, and the reasoning for the dollar amounts requested. 

With the help of an experienced legal team, you will have advocates on your side to help gather vital pieces of evidence in order to maximize the benefits in your case.

Why Contact Levine & Wiss?

The fact is that filing a car accident claim is no easy task, and can be made especially difficult when trying to recover from injury, and being out of work. Even then, it’s vital to find an experienced Brooklyn car accident attorney who has worked with such cases, and seem them from every angle. Having services countless clients across Brooklyn, the team at Levine & Wiss, has helped multiple millions in compensatory damages. Despite their extensive track record for success, proving any case isn’t easy. And at Levine & Wiss, they will work day and night, meticulously to help you prove your case.

The harsh truth is that most of us aren’t as educated on our rights as we should be, and often times victims aren’t aware they are entitled to file a lawsuit, not do they know all of the damages they may be entitled to. With the help of Levine & Wiss, you will have a team that knows every intricacy of filing a car accident claim in Brooklyn and will work tirelessly to ensure you not only maximize your compensatory damages but get the justice you deserve.

For more information on all there is to know about car accident claims, and to learn more about your specific claim, be sure to contact Levine & Wiss today. 

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